December 27, 2009

After Christmas Shopping- Walmart & Meijers!

Thanks to Frugal Thoughts from the Life of Kat for the idea to check the price of the holiday variety of the Ziploc bags! I found the holiday ziploc bags mixed in with regular ones in the ziploc aisle. Just scan them first to make sure they ring up $1.00 each.

6- Ziploc Bags-$1.00 each;used 3-$1.00/2 MQ=Final Cost-$0.50 each

1-Rubbermaid Holiday Take-A-Long Containers-$1.00

1-Christmas Treat Bags-$0.50

2-Large Plastic Bowls-$0.50 each

2-Sets of Holiday Containers-$1.50 each

1-Hershey Cherry Cordial Kisses-$1.25 (these are my favorite!!)

1- Castle Cake Pan- $8.50 {I know, but it was just too cute to pass up :) }

Total Before Coupons-$21.25
MQ Used-$3.00
Total OOP-$18.25

After getting the ziploc deal at Walmart, I went hunting for the Holiday Ziploc at Mejiers. The Holiday Ziploc bags were still regular price, however the Ziploc Holiday Containers were scanning for $1.29 each!

6-Ziploc Holiday Containers-$1.29 each
-used 3- $1.50/2 Ziploc Containers
-Final Cost-$0.54 each!

6-Ragu Sauces-$1.29 each (sale ended 12/26/09)
-used 3-$0.75/2 Ragu MQ (automatically doubles to $1.00)
-Final Cost-$0.79 each

Total Before Coupons-$15.48
MQ Used-$7.50
Final Cost-$7.98

What after Christmas deals have you found?


Anonymous said...

Just went to walmart and the holiday ziploc was $1!!! I use these bags a lot. Thanks for the tip to check the price!

slugmama said...

I elected to NOT go shopping the day after xmas. Sat my butt home and relaxed instead of facing those Really nothing I wanted or needed so no loss here.
I have to agree on those cherry cordial Kisses tho....they are scrumptious!LOL

Jamie said...

Anonymous- You're welcome! It's definitely a great deal! Glad you found some!

slugmama- Good for you! I would have saved myself some money if I had done that! We went late last night, so I didn't haven't to contend with any crowds. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone! :)

Kat said...

Yay! I did something right for a change with this deal finding! I just sent out my final SC Johnson rebate to go with the ziploc bags! Glad you found some!

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